Project built for my client XL Coiffure as Freelancer: http://oseladetente.fr/ > More Info about the project

Ose La Détente

Project built for my client FH Création as Freelancer: http://fhcreation.fr/ > More info about the project

FH Création

Project built for this hostel in Colombia, as Freelancer. > More Info about the project

Casa Isayoba

Project built for this new BnB in France. > More Info about the project

Ker Jana

In 2021 I decided to start again my Freelance activity, building templates for all kind of business: Tourism Template For all kind of activity where Online Booking can be helpful: www.Tourisme.Jennyscom.com OnePage Template To any person who owns a company: www.OnePage.Jennyscom.com Business Template For people who want to propose online […]

Websites Templates

Look Back Packer
This blog has been built to share with other travellers and my friends and family my journey and good tips.  

Look Back Packer

Those two architects build very nice housed in Santiago, so they needed a website to share their creations to the world! They wanted something nice, classical and modern (no longer online):

Inmobiliaria Andina

Oceane Charaux is a french lawyer I met in Chile, she wanted to travel and to have her website ready once she would come back to France, so we worked in distance to build this nice website in 3 languages (no longer online):

OC Avocats

Mathilde offer lunch boxes « detox » to her clients in Santiago. Starting her company, she needed a presence on Internet. I made her this very simple page she can manage all alone, and I used WooCommerce to build her e-commerce solution (no longer online):      

Mathilde’s Detox

This association which belong to the same network as Santiago Accueil (Fiafe) has been launched in september 2015. They organize activities to the expat people back to Paris to exchange about their experience. They needed particulars features: – A restrict access to the contact information of the responsables – Online […]

France Retour Accueil

Working on the communication strategy of La Cuisine de Fanny, I built her website in 3 languages to get her an identity on the web. I inspired myself on the design of her other communication tools, something a bit “countryside style” as she works in a farm:

La cuisine de Fanny

When I arrived in Chile I started to work as independant, building websites and doing consulting in communication. This personal website was a little bit too personal, so I decided to build a One Page website with my services:

Jenny’s com

Santiago Accueil has a mission: welcome, help and develop the french community in Santiago. They organize a bunch of activities for everybody, and they definitly needed a professionnal vision of their communication. I first contacted them offering to design a new website (they were using overblog and it was a […]

Santiago Accueil

I met Lisa Anderson in Panama in 2014, her husband, dentist in Miami, needed a website for his dentistry so we work together to build this website: > Visit Anderson Dental

Anderson Dental

I passed one year in Panama, it was my first experience in Latin America, and I discovered everything was very messy, so I decided to publish a blog where I will share all my tips and contacts for great activities: http://frenchinpanama.wordpress.com/

French in Panama

My brother discovered the photography few years ago, and for his 20th birthday I built him a portfolio website: http://normanpicsart.wordpress.com/

Norman’s Picts

My mother is a great cook, so in order to steal discretly her recipies, I made her a blog (work in progress, I made the architecture but she still needs to upload her secrets…):

Cuisine de Patou