Summary of my trip in Thailand I made with my friend Mathilde: Music by Nick Lesta:

Thailand 2018

first week in india
When I left Chile, I decided to travel during 6 months all alone in South East Asia, and started my journey with India:

First week in India

Asian trip
A best of of my 6 month trip through Asian (november 2017 – may 2018)

Asian trip

Video camp rohingya
In december 2017 I had the chance to pass a couple of days close to Cox’s Bazar, in Bangladesh, where hundred thousands people installed their camp to leave a dangerous situation in Myanmar.

Rohingya’s camp

I jumped in febrary 2017, and they sent me a first video I didn’t like, so I’ve made my own:


In 2014 I was living in Panama and prepared a surprise for my mom mother: coming home for her birthday. She didn’t know so I prepared this video for her…

Suprise for my mom!

A video realized with the images of me and my friends during our trip in the north of Chile!

Atacama 2015

A little souvenir from Panama… (the music has been recently removed by Youtube because of their copyright policy – yeah, even if the video has no commercial purpose!)

Whales in Panama