This is a huge passion to me, the only thing you can spend money on, that will make you richer. I started to travel after my first exchange I made in Dublin in 2006, and travelled (mostly backpacking and mostly alone) in Norway, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, UK, Ireland, US, and Canada.

Since I lived 4 years in Latin America, I had the chance to discover Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica, Brasil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, Peru & Bolivia.

My last – but not least – adventure happened in 2017/2018 when I decided to cross South East Asia from India to Indonesia, alone, during six months. It has been an amazing experience which made me grow up and even more open minded to different cultures. I built a travel blog to share my experience and tips with my relatives and other travellers:
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Theater & Opera

I’ve always been passionated by the “living arts” as we say. After practicing in college and in an amateur troup, I started to work for Rue du Theatre, an association of journalists from Europe. I had the chance to participate to the Festival of Avignon few times and publish my critics on ruedutheatre.eu and the Marseille edition of the free diary “Metro”.

> Take a look to my critics


Santiago Accueil as communications officer (2014 – 2017)
Techo para Chile to build emergency houses (2014)
Rue du Theatre as critic (2007 – 2013)


I’ve never really practice a sport in particular, but I did many things that I like:
Hicking, motobiking (got my driving licence in 2013), karting, diving, golf, paragliding, skydiving…
(as you can see we can talk more about activities than sports… But I also ride bicycle to go to work… it counts right?!)