This is a great passion to me, I’ve read it’s the only thing you can spend money on that will make you richer, so I started travel after my first exchange I made in Dublin in 2006, and travelled (mostly backpacking and mostly alone) in:
Norway, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Grece, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, UK, Ireland, US, Canada.
And since I live in South America I had the chance to discover Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica, Brasil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, Peru & Bolivia.

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I think the most incredibles travels were Cuba, Mexico and Easter Island. Cuba for the experience of living in a country which stood undevelopped, Mexico for its incredibles piramids hidden in the heart of the jungle, and Easter Island and its so particular culture and mysteries.

(I’m currently building a blog with travel tips and my best pictures!)

Theater & Opera

I’ve always been passionated by the “living arts” as we say. After practicing in college and in an amateur troup, I started to work for Rue du Theatre, an association of journalists from Europe. I had the chance to participate to the Festival of Avignon few times and publish my critics on ruedutheatre.eu and the Marseille edition of the free diary “Metro”.

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Santiago Accueil as communications officer (2014 – 2017)
Techo para Chile to build emergency houses (2014)
Rue du Theatre as critic (2007 – 2013)


I’ve never really practice a sport in particular, but I did many things that I like:
Hicking, motobiking (got my driving licence in 2013), karting, diving, golf, paragliding, skydiving…
(as you can see we can talk more about activities than sports… But I also ride bicycle to go to work… it counts right?!)